Central European Conference on Geomorphology and Quaternary Sciences

This year, the conference is for the first time organized by the German Association on Geomorphology (AKG - Deutscher Arbeitskreis für Geomorphologie) and the German Quaternary Association (DEUQUA – Deutsche Quartärvereinigung), and will be held in Giessen 23-27 September 2018. Registration is now open. Please see the conference homepage for further details.

Communinty. Exchange. Research

Due to the reconstruction of this website, the available content is currently limited. Please contact us in case of any questions. For news and further information we refer to the German version of this site or to DEUQUA's Twitter Account.

The German Quaternary Association (Deutsche Quartärvereinigung, DEUQUA e.V.) is the official union of German speaking Quaternary scientists. The aim of the Association is to support Quaternary science, to present it to the public, to intensify contacts to the applied sciences, and to provide advice to public and political authorities on issues related to Quaternary science. Furthermore, the Association supports networking among Quaternary scientists and related organizations worldwide.

DEUQUA publishes the peer-reviewed E&G Quaternary Science Journal twice per year. The Journal is a platform for publishing results of Quaternary research in both English and German. DEUQUA news is published in the quarterly German newsletter of geosciences, Geowissenschaftliche Mitteilungen (GMIT).

The Association organizes DEUQUA conferences every second year, where current results of Quaternary research are presented.